Hair Transplant UK

So you are considering getting a hair transplant? Think you know all the facts?

STOP !!!

Hair Transplant UK

Before you commit to something as drastic as hair transplant surgery, are you aware of a solution, which is fast becoming the latest non surgical hair replacement treatment to take the world by storm. The technique in question is called SMP scalp micropigmentation.

Hair Transplant UK
SMP™ Scalp MicroPigmentation

No matter which kind of hair transplant surgery you go for, fue or strip, you will have transplant scars at the back of your head. You also have limited donor hair so what will happen after you have had the surgery and you continue to lose your hair?

Hair Transplant Scar

In the pictures above you can see the kind of scars you would be left with if you had a hair Transplant

The vast majority of people who have hair transplant surgery end up having to use concealers to make the transplanted hair appear thicker than it actually is. So now they end up being even more paranoid of others being able to tell if they have had something ‘done’. This coupled with the fact that they are limited to the activities they are able to participate in. And if you continue to have surgery as your hair recedes, what will be the eventual hair transplant cost be in the end? So does a hair transplant now look as appealing as it once did?